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Your space

We really appreciate being part of Malton, so we’d like to actually ‘be part’ of the community. As relative newcomers, we wondered, what can we do? Are we outsiders?

Well, inside we have some free space. If you have a community event and are looking for a venue, we’d like to help. So, if it’s genuinely for the community, please come and talk to us and we’ll see what we can do.

Your charities

We’re big supporters of charities. In the past we’ve supported Cancer Research and Barnado’s, as well as local sports teams and schools. We’d like to do the same in Malton.

We’d love to hear from you if you think there’s a good cause locally that you think we should be getting behind.

Your jobs

When we opened India The Restaurant, we created thirty new jobs, ranging from the kitchen to front of house. Now, we aim to have a happy team who stay with us, but one or two people will of course move on.

So we’ll always be keeping our eyes open for bright new talent. If you think you’ve got something special, get in touch.

Your festival

The Malton Food Lovers Festival was one of the highlights of our year before we ever opened India The Restaurant. Now of course, you can expect to see us, hear us and taste us there.

So watch out for events we’ll be running and getting involved in to help grow Malton’s culinary fame!